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Spectrum I’ve seen the quiet rooms And every broken bone and bruise I know the root  of the abuse And all the ways you were used Every misplaced diagnosis Every attempt to maintain focus All the actions you can’t redact Every time you tried to interact  
 Come to me witch and hag Come to me Roe and Stage Come to me shattered priest Come to me feral beast 
 In the world of the perfected Power lies with the rejected No red or blue or black and white we will blind you with our spectrum  
 I know your broken body I know your shattered spine When all you see is everything You might as well be blind I know your mind sharp as knives Locked In a cage of rusty wire And how you cannot speak When your brains on fire 
 The planet shatters beneath my weight Suffocate eviscerate My calibrated curses Holy black powder verses  
 The hollow hearts With burning minds Broken bodies deaf mute and blind Infected and terrified The used abuse and sacrificed 
Bahr Bela Ma 03:27
Open Letter 03:27
I have answered all your questions Explained my actions But your facts are predetermined My fate decided From your side I’m uninvited You say I'm scary Make you wary Say you love me But distrust me Extrapolated reasons Of my behaviors Make me a danger But you lack the information To understand the situation I have clarified And explained Provided evidence That contradicts But your beliefs Are goddamn Teflon And nothing fuckin sticks Chorus In this life, you better choose a side You’re not alive unless you risk your life Neutrality is not a point of pride You’re not alive unless you risk your life You’ve given up your ethics In exchange For not dealing with The complications that come from thinking You’re uncommitted in your actions You’re not a fighter You’re liar Standing aside While others fight So you can see which ones survives You’re glowing with your golden pride Basking in the satisfaction Knowing in your lack of action You didn’t participate Alienate Or accidentally associate With someone whose beliefs might eventually incriminate Because commitment makes you sick Being in the middle does the trick To keep you safe from punished While still avoiding any judgment Chorus If you don’t want to hear opinions Don’t put ideas where we can see em Don’t ask questions you don’t want answered Or expect statements unexamined Interaction is a risk And Staying silent keeps you safe You don’t get one without the other Even in your special case When you make it to the end Of this big bullshit, we call life You can say with satisfaction That you safely dodged the strife You avoided making problems Pushed away the big decisions Spent your life as half a human Made it all the way to dying Without ever fuckin living


Mental health is on everybody's mind these days. Thank you Naomi Osaka and Simone Bile for that. It takes a lot of courage to step forward and admit that you are struggling.

However, this is not really a major topic in the music industry. In general, we are presented with polished images of beautiful people. The reality is much grimmer - according to one study, 73% of musicians suffer from mental illness. All those fun stories of sex, drugs, and rock'n roll ain't that much fun once you start to look under the hood.

Steven Archer has never been one to shy away from a direct, honest conversation and his latest track "Spectrum' puts the topic front center.

"Spectrum" explores human emotion - joy, exuberance, darkness.

"Spectrum" is not just music - it is a statement.

There are many of us.
You are not alone!

From Steven Archer:
I have never interacted with people well. I don’t understand them and often they don’t understand me. I’m fine doing what I do in my corner of the world, which oddly enough is something else they didn’t understand.


Because I am in the one percent of the population with Autistic spectrum disorder.

It’s pretty minimal for me, I can, as they say, “pass.” You wouldn’t know it talking to me at first, but eventually, I will put you off by not responding in a way that is the social norm. As I write this I’m sitting in a bar with friends and the only time I had anything to say was when someone asked me to explain the weird-ass midi guitar controller I’m building. Which caused me to go into just otaku level of details about it. Because it’s fuckin cool.

The spectrum runs from people like myself all the way to, for example, a kid I went to school with who completely lacked the ability to prioritize sensory information and everything in between.

The more we come to understand this condition (I don’t like calling it a disorder) the more we see how many creative and innovative people are on the spectrum. And all of them have fought through the stigma that goes along with being different and trying to function in a world that you just don’t fit in.

This song is about my personal experiences and as a way of reminding others that they aren’t alone.


released August 6, 2021


all rights reserved



Stoneburner Baltimore, Maryland

Stoneburner is the solo project from Steven Archer that combines tribal fusion electronic dance music with experimental sounds. Steven Archer is a multifaceted musician, artist, and writer. He is best known for his work with the electronic rock band Ego Likeness (Metropolis Records) as well has is abstract electronica project ::Hopeful Machines:: ... more

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